“What a beautiful story! These characters are so real. I’ve been intrigued, delighted, concerned, triumphant, and heartbroken in these pages. Beautifully written. Such splendid prose!”

Daniellé Dimond -- Editor, Polish and Shine Editing

The powerful story of two unlikely friends brought together by change and an unworldly connection neither one can explain. Together they navigate teenage relationships, dysfunctional families, self discovery, and the terrifying impact of teenage mental health and, ultimately, the choice to live.

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"It’s a wonderful life journey into the lives of these teen-aged characters as they navigate their exhilarating yet sometimes terrifying world. It shows the vivid impact life can have on the mental and emotional health of adolescents".


Jane Brekken

25-year Addiction Counselor,

Transformational Life Coach

Audiobook (Coming Soon!)
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